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Process Optimization & Data Collection Solutions

Boost your processes with a 'Call for Action' approach using AndonWireless products.  Get abreast on other available data collection products and Acknowledgement Solution technology in today's marketplace.




3D Vision: Introduction into Vision Automation & Installing Automated  Quality Control with 3D Sensors 

Learn how 3D sensor technology can advance your product quality and productivity.




The NEW UR20 Model: Incorporating larger capability collaborative robots in more sizable applications to revolutionize your factory automation

Get hands-on with 5 to 6 different LIVE cobot demos throughout our Knotts facility! 




Micro-Automation & "Miniaturization" Trends: How & where are advanced industries using the world’s smallest, most compact, & precise industrial robot

LIVE demonstration of the world's smallest, precise industrial robot!


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Automated Palletizing: Implementing 'Lean Robotics' into your palletizing operations!

Come see 3 different LIVE demos on the Palletizing Solution, Screwdriving Solution, & Machine Tending Solution - all in one location!




Connecting the Pneumatic Circuit:  Increasing productivity while reducing downtime with Smart IO-Link technology  

Learn how IO-Link offers the perfect solution for manufacturers seeking remote diagnosis, simplified installation, automated parameter settings, and an overall cost effective solution.



Autonomous Mobile Robot Technology: How AMR transportation technology is transforming warehouse operations & factory floor space

Come see how manufacturers are using AMRs in their warehouses and factories to automate and eliminate the transportation and delivery of internal logistics. 

Watch real-world applications right on our Knotts Warehouse floor with LIVE demos!


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Exoskeleton Technology for Industrial Use:  Human safety solutions for reducing workplace injuries

Learn how smart wearable power suits and ergonomic data insights are decreasing workplace injuries and preserving human energy in various manual labor operations such as lifting, carrying heavy objects, twisting, bending, climbing, & more.  Now you can minimize those workers comp claims BEFORE they happen.

We invite you to try on the Apogee Exoskeleton & feel the physical relief for yourself.             

See LIVE human demonstrations all day!


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