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TRD Full Line Catalog

TRD's expertise in high precision machining led to the development of a line of NFPA pneumatic and low pressure hydraulic tie-rod style cylinders. Today, these cylinders are recognized for their durability, high-quality construction and long-lasting performance.

Some of the items included in the catalog are the following:

Telescoping 2-Stage Cylinder

TRD’s telescoping cylinders utilize a two-stage telescoping design, which remains 100% double acting while providing incredible space savings. A telescoping cylinder with 12” stroke would require 35% less space than an equivalent bore NFPA cylinder.

NFPA Non-Rotating

Non-rotating actuators prevent unwanted piston rod rotation and can feature tooling plates. TRD offers several standard and custom non-rotating models for maximum application flexibility.

All Steel NFPA Cylinders

Tough applications require tough cylinders. Many applications can be very abusive to equipment, which can lead to damaged components or poor performance. Steel cylinders and components provide extra strength and durability to withstand abuse while maintaining reliable performance.

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